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For those looking to drive a straight truck or bus, our Class B commercial driver’s license programs include Commercial Heavy Straight Truck Training (CDLB 80). Class B is the second heaviest weight class of commercial vehicles. Drivers in construction, waste removal, and public transit (buses) are often Class B drivers. Class B trucks are a single vehicle with anon-detachable trailer. This program will focus on safely operating and maintaining vehicles such as straight trucks, dump trucks, and box trucks. A Class A CDL holder is allowed to drive a Class B truck, but a Class B CDL holder cannot operate a Class A vehicle.

  • Begin with CDL Learner’s Permit Prep
  • Safety is top priority
  • Includes training on Federal and State regulations
  • Learn vehicle maintenance and inspection procedures
  • Hands-on and behind the wheel training
  • Road training and CDL Road Test Sponsorship



Training for a Class B commercial driver’s license means learning the skills to drive a Class B vehicle, but also learning the rules of the road and how to safely operate this type of commercial vehicle. At our New England truck driving school, we want you to have the time to practice and feel confident in your abilities behind the wheel. Our course is a combined 80 hours of classroom training and behind the wheel experience to help give you the skills for your Class B CDL road test. You will be given the opportunity to operate Class B vehicles side by side with one of our experienced instructors.

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