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Learn more about NETTTS financial aid options for your CDL and HVAC training.

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Financial Aid Departments

At NETTTS, we have a full-time financial aid department dedicated to helping students develop a plan to pay for truck driving school or our HVAC school. At NETTTS we can help students to understand the different ways to fund their education and help them apply for grants, loans, and other financial aid options that they may qualify for.

Understand your options for HVAC and CDL Training

We know it can feel overwhelming to research what your financial aid options are, and then have to figure out and fill in the forms needed to be able to apply for these funds. That shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing new career training. This is why we offer to help students who are looking to find loans, grants, or other financial aid options that they may qualify for in order to pay for their HVAC training or CDL training.

The NETTTS financial aid department helps our students connect the dots when it comes to paying for their education in our HVAC courses and CDL classes. The specialists in our financial aid departments understand the various federal, state, and private grant and lending options available to those who qualify and can help you understand your choices too.

Types of NETTTS Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for students that qualify. Some of the options available are payment plans or applying for loans and grants such as:

  • Federal PELL grants
  • Federal Direct loans for students
  • Federal Direct loans for parents
  • In school and extended payment plans
  • Agency & private funding

Am I Eligible for Grants or Scholarships for NETTTS?

The different grants, loans, and deferred payment options vary when it comes to eligibility. Not all NETTTS students will qualify for PELL grants, and others may not qualify for different loan options. For example, the Federal PELL Grant Program is based on need. Depending on your eligibility you may qualify for a Federal PELL grant that can be used towards a part of your tuition. This grant money does not have to be paid back. If any of this seems confusing, don’t worry. Our entire financial aid department is here to help! Our professional staff understand the different financial aid options available to students and the qualifications.

There are also unique private and federal programs that are designed to help veterans fund their education. If you are wondering which types of financial aid you qualify for, the team in our NETTTS financial aid department can help you figure out your options.

Education Benefits For Military Veterans

HVAC and CDL School Loans

In addition to matching students with their potential grants our financial aid department can also connect qualified students with loans or payment plan options. There are several federal direct loans for some students and parents of students in our NETTTS programs. These are generally government backed student loans that offer a favorable interest rate. There may also be low or no interest private funding options, and even in school payment plans that can be extended beyond graduation.

NETTTS is Here to Help

We know it can be confusing and that is why we are here to help. Our financial aid professionals are trained to help you find the maximum amount of grants, loans, and other programs that you may be eligible for.

Don’t let this keep you from learning the skills you want by training to become an HVAC tech or CDL trucking professional. At NETTTS, we can try and help you understand your options and uncover any aid that may be available for CDL Training or HVAC Training. Let our financial aid department help to connect you with the right fit for financing your education. Contact us today!


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