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August 27, 2020

Where Can I Get HVAC Training?

If you are interested in finding out about HVACR training, take a look at the NETTTS HVACR Service Technician Training Program! At NETTTS HVACR training, you can gain skills and work with our staff of experienced HVACR Instructors to learn the heating and cooling trade. Our career training program includes both classroom and hands-on training with HVAC equipment, so that our students can practice what they learn.

Why work in HVAC?

HVACR is known as a skilled trade, and a well-rounded, skilled craftsman is someone who can be trusted to perform the job safely, accurately, and timely. There are many aspects to the HVACR trade, and often times technicians find their specialty. During training students may find that they prefer working on commercial (business) units, versus residential (household). Or perhaps you realize you like installing equipment, rather than maintaining it. They may find a specialty in refrigeration, as opposed to heating or ventilation. HVAC tech’s might work daily jobs for one company at one larger site. They may be a freelancer and find work or eventually start their own business. They can also be a member of a team and be sent to where they are needed. They may be tasked with installing a brand new system, or may be called for an emergency equipment failure problem. People need comfort in their lives, so HVACR tech’s may be helping a small family, or several hundred in an office building by repairing a failed heater, air conditioner or ventilation systems.


What is the Coursework like in an HVAC Training Program?

The objective of the HVACR Service Technician Program at NETTTS is to provide students with the electrical and mechanical knowledge, and performance skills required of an entry-level technician. It helps to train them to install, adjust, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair residential and commercial refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning equipment for proper operation and efficiency.

The program teaches fundamentals of refrigeration and principles of electricity. It trains students on residential and commercial refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, humidifying and air cleaning, residential heat pumps, heat-load calculations, pipe fitting, pipe sizing, and duct sizing. The training consists of a good balance of classroom training combined with actual hands-on practical training.

Additionally, proper customer service and relationship skills are taught throughout the program. Topics such as demeanor, dress, appearance, and other soft skills are stressed on a daily basis.

HVAC Training at NETTTS also includes:

  • Set of personal HVACR tools and equipment
  • Online 3-D simulation labs
  • EPA Certification Preparation and Exam
  • Oil burner service training
  • 4,000 hours towards MA Refrigeration License

Get started on your HVAC training with NETTTS

Contact us at NETTTS today to learn more about HVACR training by calling  (800) 333-2888.