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December 3, 2018

Are CDL Licenses Hard to Get?

Like most professional licenses, a CDL, or Commercial Driver’s License, requires some training and practice behind the wheel. Similar to your regular driver’s license, you will need to pass a test with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. This demonstrates you have the ability to operate a truck or tractor trailer. If you are thinking about getting started towards a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with New England Tractor Trailer Training School (NETTTS), read on below!


CDL License Requirements

For starters, a CDL License generally has a minimum age requirement of 18. This may vary from state to state so make sure to check your state’s age minimum and meet it, otherwise you will have to wait to apply.


To help make sure new drivers meet certain safety requirements, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has created the Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) mandate. This helps to ensure new drivers have the obtained their truck driver training from a registered training provider. The CDL training providers qualified to give this type of training are found on the FMCSA Training Provider Registry (TPR) website: https://tpr.fmcsa.dot.gov


CDL Licenses also require you to have passed a health physical by your State’s Department of Transportation. They are designed to assess and help make sure you are physically able to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle. They help to ensure you do not have a medical condition that would prevent you from being able to do so. If you are ready to have a physical completed by a medical provider that is authorized, you will have your blood pressure, weight, eyesight and more checked to determine if you will be able to receive a certification.


Next, your driving record will be looked at during a required background screening. You do not need to have a perfect driving record but you can expect it to be reviewed. If you have had too many moving violations or DUIs within recent years this may be an obstacle. Your record does not have to be squeaky clean, as there are allowable driving offenses. It might be a good idea to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain a copy of your driving record so that you are aware of what violations are on it and have it handy for later as you apply for jobs. If you have a criminal record, you may need to talk about and give further explanation about what happened.


The Steps to a CDL License

Each State has slightly different requirements for receiving a CDL License, but share the same main guidelines. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Do you mean the age minimum requirements? Did you pass the Department of Transportation (DOT) health physical? Make sure you meet these requirements so that the rest of the process goes smoothly.
  • Seek a training provider that meets the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements for Entry-Level Driver Training.
  • You will need a permit. Have you prepared for the driver’s exam? Did you study? The written test is not general knowledge, you will have needed to know details about air brakes, combination vehicles and more. And have you practiced in a vehicle before? NETTTS CDL License program can help you prepare!
  • If you are looking to add additional endorsements on to your CDL license, such as driving Hazardous Materials (HazMat) cargo, you may need an additional background screening and fingerprinting.
  • After you are prepared by NETTTS to take the CDL test, you can expect to take a 3 part exam. Besides the road test, this includes a pre-trip inspection test in and outside the vehicle, as well as a basic controls test.


How difficult is CDL training?

CDL training can be a process of practice, practice and more practice! Go into your training with a can-do-it attitude! Show up on time everyday and be ready to learn. This can help keep CDL training fun as you learn. Study hard, figure out what you learn through hands-on experience, and do what it takes not just to pass the exams but to be really skilled at what you do.


CDL training school with NETTTS!

NETTTS offers both Class A CDL Training Programs as well as Class B CDL Training Programs. Attending a training school is one way to prepare for getting your Commercial Driver’s License. With CDL training at NETTTS, instructors are here to help prepare you for your CDL test. Our programs can help you learn through hands-on in the vehicle and training in the classroom.


Ready to get started? Don’t waste any time getting working towards a new opportunity with NETTTS! Change your future by finding out more online today or call us at (800) 333-2888. Currently, we’re able to offer you Class A and Class B CDL training in and around the following states: Pawtucket, RI, North Andover, MA, Bridgeport, CT, and Somers, CT.  Take a few moments to learn more online today and you’ll be able to schedule a time to speak with an Admissions representative about the CDL training schools in your area!