Things You Should to Know Before Getting Your CDL

  • Things You Should to Know Before Getting Your CDL

    Things You Should to Know Before Getting Your CDL

    So, you are thinking about getting your CDL license. While you may have an idea of what to expect, there is plenty that you may not be aware of. Don’t worry, at New England Tractor Trailer Training School we are here to share important information you should know before training for your CDL.

    Things to Know Before Getting Your CDL

    Earning your commercial driver’s license can be a different experience for everyone. Some may find it challenging because driving a tractor trailer can feel a lot more complicated than driving a regular car, whereas others may be used to operating heavy equipment. There are extra requirements and items to take into consideration before you sit behind the wheel of a big rig. Below we list some important things you may need to know before training for your CDL and beginning your path to becoming a truck driver.


    You Need to Meet Specific CDL Requirements

    A CDL has more requirements than a basic driver’s license. Along with meeting your state’s specific age requirement, you may also need to pass a physical exam, or pay off any outstanding driving tickets. The Admissions team at NETTTS can help you to determine if you qualify for a CDL license and would be a good candidate for training.  


    CDL Permit Requirements

    One of the first steps towards earning your CDL is often getting your CDL permit just as you may have done when you were first learning to drive a car. This permit allows you to practice driving a tractor trailing with someone that already has a Commercial Drivers License. Some people find it difficult to know a current CDL license holder to help them with this, so a tractor trailer training school like NETTTS will help get you behind the wheel with an experienced instructor, so that you can practice for the CDL license exam. If you are thinking about coming to NETTTS it’s not necessary to have your CDL permit ahead of time. The first stage of our Commercial Driver’s License Training program is designed to help you prepare for the CDL permit test.


    You Will Need to Pass a Written and Road Test

    Just like a regular license, after you get your permit and have completed your training, you will have to pass both a written and road test with the state registry of motor vehicles in order to earn your CDL license. The test will include a vehicle pre-trip inspection and also a driving portion to demonstrate different backing maneuvers as well as driving on the road. Our CDL training programs are designed to help prepare students for both the written and road tests.


    You Have the Choice to Add Specific Endorsements

    Before earning your CDL, you may want to think about what kind of license is needed for the type of driving you want to do.  There are different types of trucks on the road and some require a special endorsement. For example, driving a tanker truck, or transporting hazardous materials will mean adding endorsements to your CDL. This process can require a few more steps that may include a background screening, fingerprinting, applications, and possibly more training. At NETTTS, we offer class A CDL training as well as class B CDL training and can help provide resources and guidance to help you find out how to get any special endorsements that you may need.


    You’ll Trade In Your Personal License

    What many people don’t realize is that a CDL license takes the place of your regular Class D driver’s license. This means that you will exchange your regular license for a CDL so it’s important to be extra cautious about tickets or violations that may happen in your personal vehicle.


    Are you ready to take a first step towards becoming a professional truck driver? Reach out to us today to learn more about our career training programs in the New England area and how to get started

    Sarah Packer

    Sarah Packer

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