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New England Tractor Trailer Training School - Class B Commercial Driver’s License

At NETTTS, we are a Commercial Driver’s License training school with a Class B CDL training school. Class B is the second heaviest weight class of commercial vehicles. Drivers in construction, shipping, and public transit (buses) are often Class B drivers. At our New England Tractor Trailer Training School, we offer a variety of truck driving training programs including Commercial Heavy Straight Truck Training (CDLB 80) and Passenger Endorsement (P) training. 



For those looking to drive a bus or straight truck, our Class B commercial driver’s license programs include Commercial Heavy Straight Truck Training (CDLB 80) license programs. This program will focus on safely operating and maintaining vehicles such as straight trucks, dump trucks, and box trucks. Students will have the opportunity to learn in both a classroom setting as well as  take part in hands-on experiences on the road. 

Passenger Endorsement

Passenger Endorsement (P) training is offered at select NETTTS training centers. This program can act as a stand-alone training program for those who already have a CDL or in addition to their Class B CDL training with us. Passenger Endorsement training is needed if you plan to drive a vehicle that weighs 26,001 pounds and can carry 16 passengers including you as the driver. For example, a typical school bus driver (picking up 15 kids) will need a Passenger Endorsement in addition to their CDL license. 


Our Class B CDL Training

Training for a Class B commercial driver’s license means being taught theskills to drive a Class B vehicle, but also learning the rules of the road and how to maintain them. At our New England truck driving school, we will help you to learn these skills, and give you time to practice so that you feel confident about your abilities behind the wheel. You will have a combined 80 hours of education in the classroom and behind the wheel in order to complete your Class B CDL license course. You’ll be given the opportunity to operate the vehicles, and also work side by side with experienced instructors while observing them.

Our Class B CDL training is divided into four modules:


  • Module 1 is 40 hours of education in commercial vehicle general knowledge and Class B CDL License training requirements.
  • Module 2 is 16 hours of basic commercial vehicle maneuvering such as driving forwards. You will learn how to write trip reports and what kinds of things may be on the commercial driver's license road test. You will need to pass this test to receive a Class B CDL license.
  • Module 3 is 20 hours and teaches students how to use commercial vehicles in reverse to go backwards. 
  • Module 4 is 4 hours of driving a commercial vehicle around with an instructor on streets and highways to prepare you for the on-road State Registry test.


The Road to A Fulfilling Future

At NETTTS, we want to see our Class B and Class A CDL students go on to become professionals in the truck driving industry. In an effort to help our students do just that, we offer truck driving career services for our students. These services are offered to help students improve their job-seeking skills so that they can work towards their goals.

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