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Have you been thinking about training to drive big rigs? You've come to the right place.

When most people think about becoming a truck driver, they're thinking about a Class A Commercial Driver's License. This is the type of license you'll need to drive a tractor-trailer, semi-truck, big-rig or 18-wheeler.

At New England Tractor Trailer Training School, we have several different Class A CDL training programs because we know that students that come to our truck driving school have a range of experience driving trucks. So even if you have no truck driving experience, we could help you.

Our Class A CDL Training Begins With Safety

Class A Commercial Vehicle Tractor and Trailer

At NETTTS, safety comes first. The start of your training for a Class A commercial driver’s license begins with a focus on safe driving. We begin by teaching you the basics of truck driving. you This part of the training includes being taught  Federal and State regulations as well as important safe driving techniques for different road conditions. All of this information is used to prepare you to get your CDL Learner's Permit.

Safety also involves more than just knowing how to drive correctly. During your Class A commercial driver’s license program, you will also learn about different topics such as vehicle maintenance and  components that are different on commercial vehicles, like air brakes and transmissions. Once you’ve been trained you'll receive a Certificate of Completion for our Defensive Driving course from the National Safety Council.

Hands-On and Behind the Wheel Training

Once you have finished your safety and knowledge training it's time to put the skills and techniques you've learned to work. This part of your program is hands-on and gives you a feel for maneuvering a tractor-trailer correctly. You will also put your vehicle maintenance knowledge to the test and learn inspection measures to be sure the truck is working correctly. 

This program includes:

  • Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Coupling and Uncoupling (aka Drop and Hook)
  • Brake Test
  • Shifting Drills
  • Straight Back
  • Blind Side Parallel Park
  • Sight Side Parallel Park
  • Alley Dock
  • Offset Backing
  • Observation
Road Training

You trained for the basics in class. You got comfortable behind the wheel learning to back, shift, and park. Now it's time to get on the road with one of our driving instructors. The trainers at our Class A driver's license school come from the truck driving industry and have years of experience on the road, so that means their knowledge of the road becomes your knowledge.

They'll take you on different driving routes around town and on the highway. Driving side-by-side with your trainer, you'll learn upshifting and downshifting to help give you the hands-on experience and confidence you'll need.

CDL Road Test Sponsorship

After you've graduated, perfected your maneuvers, and practiced for the CDL exam with your trainers, it's time to take your CDL Road Test.

At NETTTS, we will act as your road test sponsor, and you will take our truck for your CDL Road Test. Depending on the state you live in, you may even test for your Class A CDL right at your NETTTS school location.

Career Services and Job Placement

Whether this program or our Class B CDL program, at NETTTS, we want our students to be successful in the industry following their time with us. To help with this process, you may hear from and talk to recruiters from different trucking companies around the industry during your program. They routinely come to talk with our classes about the industry and available opportunities. You'll also begin meeting with our NETTTS Career Services department to work on your job-finding skills.

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