License Upgrades, Testing And Evaluation


Get started on license upgrades, and create a knowledgeable and capable workforce.


Upgrade, test and evaluate your fleet

These programs are designed to create a knowledgeable and capable workforce for your organization. Each course includes all necessary worksheets and materials, videos and presentation, and each student will receive a Certificate of Completion. Also see our Safety and Awareness and Keeping Compliant training programs.

License Upgrade Training (hours as needed)

This course is designed to train your workforce to be eligible for a new CDL or upgrade an existing CDL.

  • CDL A and B Permit Training
  • Maintenance for daily operations
  • CDL Registry Test Practice
  • Sponsorship for CDL test
  • Hands-on yard/road training

View Licensure Upgrade Training course outline

Post-Accident Training (5 hours)

This course is designed to help correct the habits of drivers involved in an accident and ensure they are ready to get back on the road.

  • Skills in dealing with accidents
  • Correcting bad driving habits
  • How to evaluate the accident scene
  • Driver skills assessment
  • Written evaluation of performance

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Pre-Hire Road testing (2 hours)

A 3rd party evaluation of your potential employees will make you confident that you’re hiring knowledgeable and capable drivers.

  • Ensure safe driving habits with new drivers
  • Tailored to fit company operations
  • CMV Knowledge Assessment
  • Maintenance for daily operations
  • Written evaluation of performance

View Pre-Hire Road Testing evaluation outline

Periodic Driver Evaluation (2 to 4 hours)

Instill confidence through regular evaluation of your drivers to ensure their abilities meet current industry standards.

  • Show due diligence with a non-biased, 3rd party tester
  • Evaluate drivers that may be underperforming
  • Correct bad driving habits before they start
  • Customizable assessments available
  • Written performance evaluation

View Periodic Driver Evaluation outline

Public Relations (4 hours)

This training is designed to teach the importance of a happy customer on and off the road

  • Create a Customer Service oriented driver
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction
  • Learn how to create a positive public image
  • Teaches proper road and dock behavior
  • Understanding your job as a driver

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