Staff Spotlight: Pawtucket HVAC Admissions Associate, Bobby Gerardi

  • Staff Spotlight: Pawtucket HVAC Admissions Associate, Bobby Gerardi

    Staff Spotlight: Pawtucket HVAC Admissions Associate, Bobby Gerardi

    Anyone who’s met Bobby Gerardi knows that he genuinely wants to get to know you as a person. As the Admissions Associate for our HVAC school in Pawtucket, RI, Bobby has that opportunity with every person who is thinking about attending our school to become a Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) Service Professional. Often times it begins with a phone call, or taking potential students on a tour through the hands-on training lab. He takes the time to go through the entire school process while getting to know their goals and what they want to accomplish.

    Why is it so important to get to know each HVAC School candidate?
    “I find that getting personal and knowing as much as I can about each student helps them through the process of education. Whether they are older or younger–second careers, or just graduating high school–the main thing is really taking care of each person and making sure I am there for them with every concern they have, and helping them realize that the education they want is going to benefit their life in the future.”

    How do you help make sure this is the right decision for them?
    “I start off with an interview to qualify them as a student and learn a little bit about them and answer questions they or their family or significant other may have. After that we take a tour of the program, which allows them to get a really good look at where they’ll be training and watch current HVAC students at work. This helps them understand that it’s a really hands-on program.”

    How do you help make students successful?
    “Open their mind to what is available to them here at the HVAC training program, and what may be available to them in the future when they graduate. Also, knowing that I’m here for them with personal issues. Even after someone is enrolled at our school, I stay very involved with each student and their day-to-day. It’s important for them to have someone here at the school to speak with about anything.”

    Tell me something most people may not know about  you.
    “I’m a gemologist–a jeweler. I specialize in bridal jewelry, which mean I’ve been sitting with couples and helping them to begin their life together for almost my entire life. That has really taught me the importance of getting to know someone personally.”

    How about 2 truths and a lie?
    1. I’m an ex-breakdancer
    2. Soccer is a big passion of mine
    3. I’ve broken my nose 15 times

    What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
    “I’d have to say, “Keep fighting. Keep pushing through the adversities in life no matter what.” We all have our challenges so it’s important to be your best ever day because you never know what that day will bring.”

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