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August 3, 2013

Trucking community looks to help others

The Worlds Largest Convoy will travel approximately 22 miles in an effort to raise awareness for Special Olympics.

“The World’s Largest Truck Convoy is a fundraising and awareness event that creates a unique partnership between law enforcement and truckers to raise funds for Special Olympics so athletes can continue to train in year-round sports activities. Officers involved in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics have made the WTLC one of their many annual signature events,”reported the PR Newswire service.

“Special Olympics has a way of bringing everyone together, setting aside differences and building atmospheres of acceptance,” Tom Reasoner, Assistant Director of the Illinois Law Enforcement Torch Run, said in the PR Newswire article. “The fact that Special Olympics can bring together law enforcement and truckers is a testament to how the athletes of Special Olympics are a true inspiration.”

Trucking carriers and truck drivers have a long history with supporting worthy causes and there are many examples of the trucking community coming together to help others in need. There are many annual holiday toy delivery convoys hosted by truck carriers across the country and other important causes, like veteran services, have been addressed through trucking events.