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November 3, 2013

Truck thefts decrease even as more trucks hit the road

FreightWatch International, a logistics services provider, recently reported that a total of 212 cargo thefts in the truck industry took place in August, September and October across the United States, which represents a 9 percent decrease when compared to the previous three months.

“Seven of the 11 FreightWatch product types [of truck cargo] experienced fewer thefts this quarter than during the previous three months,” TruckingInfo.com reported in an article about the report. “The drop in theft numbers was significant in the building/industrial, alcohol/tobacco and metals categories, and less so in others. Meanwhile, recorded thefts increased in four of the product types, with miscellaneous and personal Care seeing the most significant gains.”

TruckingInfo.com also reported that “California remained the state with the most thefts, with Texas having seen a slight decrease in incidents but continuing to follow in second. The 64 thefts in California accounted for 30 percent of all the incidents across the United States. Texas had 32 thefts, 15 percent of the total, while Florida reported 25 thefts, 12 percent of the total, placing it third on the list of most targeted states during the three-month period.”