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June 3, 2019

Recruiting And Retaining Women In Trucking

Today, it is too easy to simply click a button and order something. Amazon, Walmart, any shop at the mall – they all have websites with online shopping. The fact that you don’t have to leave the house to make a purchase makes it that much easier. And with more orders for goods, somebody will have to haul the freight and make deliveries.


Without enough skilled truck drivers customers will see delayed deliveries for goods, and possibly higher prices for the same goods. Much of what we use in our daily life depends on a truck for delivery, and it is the truck drivers that make sure the load gets to where it needs to be.


An Untapped Labor Force

Women make up about half of all US workers. But women only made up 6% of trucking industry workers over the past 20 years. So women can be a huge, untapped labor force that trucking companies want to reach. Retaining even a small percentage could greatly help the company they work for.  In the past, the women who have gotten into trucking often did so because a family member worked in trucking. Companies these days may be encouraging current workers to recruit their family members.


If you are thinking about why you should train for your CDL, there are plenty of reasons to consider trucking.


Local Driving and Dedicated Routes


Dedicated truck driving may be an option for women who are looking for a more flexible and predictable schedule. It can offer more home time than traditional over the road trucking. Women may also choose to look for local driving opportunities or request a dedicated route. This can give a more steady schedule. Women may consider choosing a day-to-day route for smaller radius of travel. Dedicated drivers build relationship with their customers.


Is it Hard to Earn a CDL License?


Training for a commercial driver’s license, or a CDL, is possible with NETTTS CDL training programs! NETTTS CDL training gives you the chance for a hand-on driving experience. Experienced trucking industry professionals help train you in the classroom and on the road.

Truck Driving Certification Preparation from NETTTS

NETTTS Class A CDL training, Class B CDL training and HVACR training programs are open and welcoming to anyone looking for new career training. We encourage more women join our program! If you have been thinking about training for your CDL, apply with us at NETTTS! Call NETTTS at (800) 333-2888 or find out more online today. NETTTS offers Class A and B CDL Training Programs in and around the following states: Pawtucket, RI, North Andover, MA, Bridgeport, CT, and Somers, CT.