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April 3, 2013

NTPU joins growing cry for weight limit increase for trucks

The National Tax Payers Union, an organization that includes almost half a million members, has put in a request to Congress to support a bill that would increase the weight limits placed on commercial trucks, allowing more cargo to be shipped.

HR 612, also known as the Safe and Efficient Transportation Act, would give states the option of increasing the maximum interstate truck weight from 80,000 pounds to 97,000 pounds. In the National Tax Payers Union letter, Pete Sepp, NTU executive vice-president said the change in weight limits would not only be good for the commercial truck industry, but good for the overall economy.

“Such a move would provide a major boost to the economic potential of the nation’s highway infrastructure while avoiding additional deficit spending,” Sepp said in a TruckingInfo.com article.

Sepp said the increased limit was important because some commercial truck officials believe that truck traffic in the United States could double or triple in the next 15 years, which makes it important to find trucking solutions now.

“[This legislation] would improve the productivity and efficiency of our economy overall, saving considerable amounts of fuel, labor, and logistical costs for industries that depend on highways to ship their goods,” Sepp said in his letter. “Furthermore, bringing truck-weight limits more into line with our neighbors to the north and south (as well as those across the Atlantic) would enhance America’s international competitiveness, which has been damaged by numerous factors such as a burdensome tax system. Finally, the bill could provide ancillary benefits, e.g. reduced emissions from fewer trucks on the road, without resorting to detrimental schemes such as cap-and-trade national energy taxes.”