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April 3, 2020

What It Means To Be Deemed “Essential”

When businesses across the country closed their doors due to the start of COVID-19, organizations like NETTTS were been deemed essential by the government to help our country be able to function in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.  While terms like “social distancing” and “flattening the curve” were all around us, we are focused on helping to reinforce the national supply chain by training as many truck drivers as we can do so safely.

Being deemed essential by the government is an important responsibility and one that we take very seriously.  Our faculty and staff worked hard to be able to support our students and graduates so that they are able to help support our fellow American’s during trying times.  Our students felt motivated to complete their training and get on the road.  Our graduates were out there working to help deliver critical supplies to areas of the country where they are needed the most.


In uncertain times, our students and graduates answered the call to help keep our country open.  Truck drivers were delivering food and anything else we needed so that stores can stay open and everyone else can stay at home until this is all behind us.  New England truck driving schools like NETTTS are helping prepare the next generation of truck drivers so that they are able to step in and join the effort.

To help keep our students safe, during the Coronavirus outbreak NETTTS had even been approved to temporarily offer classroom training online so that new students can start their training in a virtual classroom from their own homes.  When they are ready for behind the wheel practice and instruction, our campuses were open and operating with the guidance of the CDC recommendations.  We sanitized our equipment and facilities daily, and maintaining at least a 6-foot space cushion from anyone else on campus.

Being deemed essential in trying times is a reminder of the important work we do. We are committed to keeping our students and faculty safe so they can complete their training and join the other truckers across the country that help make up the backbone of the national supply chain.