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February 19, 2021

How Technology in the Trucking Industry Is Helping Drivers Stay Safe

Technology is constantly improving and being used for new purposes. While things like virtual assistants and the latest apps for your phone can be fun to play with, new technologies are also being developed specifically to help truck drivers stay safe.

Technological Advances in the Trucking Industry for Safety

With so many drivers out there the road can sometimes feel unpredictable, but new technology is helping to increase safety for all. We’ve come a long way since the simple addition of seatbelts which were introduced to save lives. As a New England truck driving school, we put an emphasis on safe driving and are looking at ways that technology in the trucking industry can help to keep both car and truck drivers safe on America’s roadways.


Some people seem to struggle when backing up a regular sedan, so imagine the challenge and skill of backing up a tractor trailer. When student truck drivers partake in class A or class B CDL training at NETTTS, they’ll be taught how to do this. As you may imagine, with back up cameras, this process can become a lot easier and safer. These kinds of cameras can act as an additional safety measure while backing with the driver still utilizing their mirrors and taking the proper pre-trip steps. Many trucks have also started using forward-facing cameras or dash cams. These systems can defend the truck driver in case of an accident and reveal more of the truth behind the cause of any potential accidents. It can also prevent people from filing incorrect claims that may affect the driver as well as the trucking business involved. While some of these cameras have been around for many years now, they seem to be becoming more mainstream as the quality improves and costs decrease.

Collision Mitigation

Everyone makes mistakes and accidents happen, but when a collision involves a tractor trailer, it has the potential to be more serious. Collision mitigation technology, such as automatic emergency braking or lane assistance, may help to prevent some of these accidents from occurring by taking emergency action for the driver when needed. With time this technology has the potential to get even better and may lead to even safer roadways.

Hands-Free Listening

Cell phone use while driving is responsible for far too many vehicle crashes each year. Many trucks have started using Bluetooth-like devices for hands-free communication to reduce these numbers. These hand-free listening devices can help keep a truck driver’s focus on the road, where it should be.


Telematic systems allow trucking companies to track their entire fleet. These systems can give information on everything from the climate of the trailer to operational aspects of the truck. With technology monitoring the temperature, moisture, and light exposure of items in the truck, the system can ensure that products sensitive to these measures are transported safety. Telematics can also monitor and report issues with the brakes, suspension, and the trailer socket so that problems can be prevented before they happen.

With more advances in technology in the trucking industry happening each year, truck driving has the potential to become safer and safer. If you are thinking about starting CDL training and want to get your truck driving license, reach out to us today.