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August 3, 2013

Fuel efficiency discussed at truck conference

A panel of truck officials at the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference in Dallas last month remarked on the need for more developments in the area of fuel efficiency, especially as the trucking sector continues to evolve.

“I think the future holds a plethora of ideas [for further improvement], many for treating tractors and trailers in combination,” said Derek Kaufman, CEO of Mission Motors. “In two or three years, we will see some very interesting improvements.”

Truck carriers are eager for new developments in the way of fuel efficiency, especially for those who ship vast amounts of freight. Carriers that need to do this might mean decreasing miles in light of rising diesel prices, which is not an option.

One truck carrier owner said the development of new fuel technology systems can sometimes seem slow, but progress is being made and its having a positive impact on the commercial trucking industry already.

“We have grown through using technology and being innovators,” said truck carrier owner Max Fuller. “Sometimes, we’ve been frustrated by how slowly things move, even telematics. Innovations can give us a competitive advantage. My newest trucks are getting close to a mile per gallon better than the trucks we purchased last year. One-third of my cost is fuel.”