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November 3, 2013

Diesel prices experience slight increase

Diesel prices have been trending downwards over the past several months, but prices saw a small spike in the last week of November.

TuckingInfo.com reported that “the average cost of on-highway diesel has turned higher [during the last week of November] for the first time since the first of September while gasoline has increased for the second consecutive week.”

The article went on to say that “diesel picked up 2.2 cents over the past week, registering $3.844 per gallon, but is 19 cents lower than the same time a year ago, according to a new U.S. Energy Department report.

“Prices in all the different regions and sub regions of the country increased, except in the West Coast region, where it is unchanged over the past week.”

The average diesel price remains lower that it was a year ago, which is good news for commercial truck carriers, but it is higher than it was a few months ago, a trend that trucking officials are keeping an eye on.