Does CDL transfer from state to state?

  • Does CDL transfer from state to state?

    Does CDL transfer from state to state?

    Does CDL transfer from state to state?

    CDL Licenses do not transfer from State to State. If you move, you will have to transfer your Commercial Driver’s License to the new state and turn in the old CDL. If you have a personal license (Class D) in one state and receive your CDL in your new state, your former personal license will become invalid. You cannot have two driver’s licenses (personal and CDL) at the same time.

    What do you do if you are moving to a new state?

    If you move to a new state, you must transfer your CDL within sixty days of becoming a resident or before your current license expires. Changing your license over within sixty days of changing address (most states are this way) is very important! If there is a lapse and you are pulled over, you could be ticketed and fined or worse – your license could be revoked!

    How do I change my CDL to a new state?

    This can often be done in person or online. You can visit the State Registry or Department of Motor Vehicles in your new state to change your CDL, or you may find a form online that will need to be filled out in order to complete the CDL changeover. If you change your CDL to a new state, you will likely be charged a transfer fee. This is the same as would happen if you changed a regular Class D license.  You should NOT have to re-test for a CDL, although some states occasionally ask that the written test be taken again. If you have endorsements such as HazMat, etc. you may have to re-test for this in the new state.

    Tax implications are something else to consider when changing states of licensure. You will have to file state and local taxes in the state your license is in, so consider this as well.

    Surrendering your regular license

    Many do not know that your regular license is surrendered when you receive your CDL! A Commercial Driver’s License replaces your regular license.

    That being said, you must be very careful when driving in your own private vehicle, as any tickets or violations can and will absolutely affect your CDL. If you get into an accident off the clock, and your personal driver’s license is revoked, you will not be able to drive your commercial vehicle for work. The CDL replaces the regular license, so professional truck drivers must protect their CDL license. You must remember your actions behind the wheel of a non-commercial motor vehicle still affect your CDL

    A CDL will not be issued if the operator’s privileges are suspended in any state. So if you have a suspended CDL in NJ, you cannot receive a CDL in NY, for example.

    How to Train for a CDL

    NETTTS offers both Class A CDL Training Programs as well as Class B CDL Training Programs. Attending a training school can help to prepare you for getting your Commercial Driver’s License. At NETTTS, instructors teach the basics of CDL trucking, including vehicle maintenance, different components of the vehicle, Federal and State regulations and safe driving techniques, and prepare you to get your CDL Learner’s Permit. You will learn, hands-on in the vehicle and in the classroom, what information you may need to know to pass the written CDL exam.


    Get started training for your CDL with NETTTS

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