NETTTS Graduates At Roehl, Simply Clean, CR England and More

  • NETTTS Graduates At Roehl, Simply Clean, CR England and More

    NETTTS Graduates At Roehl, Simply Clean, CR England and More

    11/16/2012 GREAT NEWS about driving jobs!

    Class of 8/6/2012
    Thomas M. is driving for Roehl Transportation

    Class of 10/08/2011
    John Michael C. posted some photos of the truck he has been driving for Simply Clean in Newington, CT.
    NETTTS graduate John Michael C.

    Class of 3/7/2011
    Freddie W. stopped by, he has been driving for C R England and is now a trainer for them. He had a number of things to tell us, including that out of all their drivers he is #2 for fuel efficiency. He credits NETTTS instructors and said that going to school here was the best investment in himself that he ever made. While he was here he made a point to never miss a day and to sit right up front. He owns his own truck and has just bought a house for his family!

    Class of 5/03/2010
    James A. has been driving for Blue Bell Mattress now for well over a year and very much enjoying the work.
    NETTTS graduate James A.

    Class of 3/7/2011
    Omar M. has been driving for Swift Transportation and posted this comment, “Im doing great, just finished getting certified to be a Mentor for Swift. Now I train the new drivers that are hired. 🙂 First student meets me tomorrow and he seems like a really nice guy, hopefully it goes well.”

    Class of 4/7/2012
    Thomas A. is driving for Swift Transportation out of Phoenix, AZ, and has completed his training; here he is with his truck.
    NETTTS graduate Thomas A.

    Class of 3/24/2012
    David H. is working for Roehl Transportation and sent in a photo of himself with his new truck.
    NETTTS graduate David H.

    Class of 2/20/2012
    Tirtha P. has been hired by Swift Transportation of Phoenix, AZ.

    Class of 1/23/2012
    Yariel P. has gone to driving over-the-road for Prime of Springfield, MO.

    Class of 1/14/2012
    Chris S. is working for United Natural Foods in Dayville, also known as UNFI. He commented, “Yeah it’s pretty cool. Fresh out if school working a local job. Now driving brand new 2013 international Transtars and just reached my 90 days so all my benefits have kicked in as well. I feel pretty fortunate to be where I am with the experience I have.”

    Class of 1/9/2012
    Dwayne A. has been hired by Willimantic Waste of Willimantic, CT.

    Class of 12/31/2011
    Andrew B. has completed his training for Schneider National of Green Bay, WI.

    Class of 10/31/2011
    Miguel G. is doing local deliveries for Guida’s Dairy of New Britain, CT.

    Class of 10/22/2011
    Franklyn S. has been hired by J Polep of Chicopee, MA.

    Class of 9/19/2011
    Ken F. sent a selection of photos from his travels across the country. He is driving for Swift Transportation of Phoenix, AZ. He added the comment, “The Truck is a 2013 International ProStar+. The tall structure @ the rest area with the trucks in front is a wind mill blade. The plateau was in Nebraska, the others were Arizona/New Mexico. I enjoy seeing the country (doing 48 OTR). My suggestion to anyone contemplating OTR is if you can do a 6 month vacation away from home. It’s a good way to get experience and your experience will all be based on your attitude. Good Luck to all and be safe out there.”
    NETTTS graduate Ken F.

    Nettts graduate Ken F.

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    NETTTS Blog

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