New and experience NETTTS grads start new driving careers!

  • New and experience NETTTS grads start new driving careers!

    New and experience NETTTS grads start new driving careers!

    RUMORS. Please consider the source when you hear something from someone. “You’re wasting your time…there are no jobs out there in trucking…” Really? See below…NETTTS has 3 full-time people in Placement to assist you with getting a great first job…and we help experienced grads too.

    Also…Concerning HAZMAT. There are some people who will never be able to get a hazmat endorsement, but there are many people who have been convicted of felonies who CAN. More information at:

    We have heard from a number of our graduates about new Great Jobs!:

    Class 4/23/2011
    Kevin Williams is driving the big blue trucks for Werner Enterprises from Omaha, NE

    Class 4/4/2011
    Randy Wagner is driving for Werner Enterprises of Omaha, NE

    Class 3/26/2011
    Maxime Cyril has gone to drive for Swift out of Phoenix AZ

    Class 3/21/2011
    Denis Hernandez is driving for Werner Enterprises, Omaha, NE

    Class 2/26/2011
    Benjamin Laureano has been hired by Schneider Trucking from Green Bay ,WI

    Class 2/12/11
    Matthew Clavette sent a picture of his truck with an incredible background! He is driving for H O Wolding and had this to say: “Wolding has been amazing. All the drivers are very supportive and the staff is great. I haven’t heard one negative thing from anyone since I started working for them August 1st. I’ve been on my own about a month now and have been averaging 2600 a week but getting more and more. The dispatchers are very flexible and accommodating. I’ve been having a great time although it’s been a major lifestyle change. I’ve been home for two days since I started but am making good money. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.”

    NETTTS graduate Matthew Clavette

    Class 1/10/2011
    Joseph Violette is driving for Roehl out of Marshfield, WI

    Class 11/09/10
    Andrew Cormier sent a picture of himself with his bright yellow truck, he is working for B H Trucking out of Westfield, MA.
    NETTTS graduate Andrew Cormier

    Class 10/23/2010
    Richard Rolocut has gone to drive cross country for Swift Transportation in Phoenix, AZ

    Class 8/23/10
    Mark Fournier shared the following picture of his fully loaded flatbed, with “Piggy” or “Moffett” Forklift on the back. The blue thing in the far right of the picture is the “Piggy.” He works for A B C Supply in Berlin, CT.
    NETTTS graduate Mark Fournier

    Class 2/8/10
    William Brunner has been working for Sullivan Enterprises in Springfield since graduating and getting licensed. This company does not usually take drivers without experience, but William has clearly proven to be the exception to the rule!

    Class 6/20/09
    Christopher Lindsay sent a picture of his “latest adventure” in trucking. Empty and fully loaded (bottom pic).
    NETTTS grad Christopher Lindsay

    NETTTS Blog

    NETTTS Blog

    NETTTS has over 50 years of career training experience, and the staff, equipment, and ability to provide hands-on professional tractor trailer and HVAC technician training. If you are looking for new career training or to upgrade your current skills, call your local school today at (800) 333-2888.

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