NETTTS Grads Around the Country

  • NETTTS Grads Around the Country

    NETTTS Grads Around the Country

    Class of 10/08/2011
    Peter S. sent this picture out the window of his truck, Crossing The Mississippi.
    Nettts graduate Peter S.

    Class of 8/13/2011
    Christian R. posted this photo of his new ride. He is out in Omaha, NE for training with Werner Enterprises.
    NETTTS graduate Christian R.

    Class of 06/01/2010
    Kris R. sent this photo: “The strangest truck I’ll have ever driven. This is my new beast. A 1994 Autocar quad axle. Capable of hauling 80,000 lbs.!!!!”
    Nettts graduate Kris R.

    Class of 4/11/2009
    Brandon C. is driving for H V Rabouin. He posted a series of photos of his truck parked on the sidewalk in NYC, next to a wall.
    NETTTS graduate Brandon C.

    NETTTS graduate Brandon C.

    Class of 9/30/2006
    David N. posted this photo of one of their big trucks at Nadeau Trucking LLC. It is a Ford LTL-9000.
    NETTTS graduate David N.

    NETTTS Blog

    NETTTS Blog

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