Working at Capitol Sand & Cinder, TMS and US Xpress

  • Working at Capitol Sand & Cinder, TMS and US Xpress

    Working at Capitol Sand & Cinder, TMS and US Xpress

    Class of 4/16/2012
    Gilbert V. has found his first job with Capitol Sand & Cinder of Hartford, CT.

    Class of 2/20/2012
    Carlos S. sent Placement this photo “Look at the great trucks they got at TMC!” where he has just arrived for orientation.
    Carlos S. from NETTTS Placement Dept.

    Jason V. is doing flatbed trailers with TMC in Des Moines, IA.

    Mark K. has gone to training with TMC in Des Moines, IA.
    Marlon R. has been hired by Seven D Wholesale in Rocky Hill, CT.

    Class of 1/23/2012
    Paul D. sent this photo of his truck with U S Xpress. He has just completed training and been loaded for his first solo run. Later, he sent more photos; “Mass Mike taught me well!” showing him backed into a dock…in a very tight spot.
    Nettts graduate Paul D.

    Jose N. has gone to training with Trans Am of Olathe, KS.

    Anthony P.R. is working with FedEx Ground in Windsor, CT.

    Walter J. has gone to drive cross country with Trans Am out of Olathe, KS.

    Brian B. has gone to training with Swift Transportation in Phoenix, AZ.
    Hector T. is working for Burris Logistics in Rocky Hill, CT.

    Alex R. has been hired by Western Express out of Nashville, TN.

    Class of 8/27/2011
    Tim F. sent a message to thank the Instructors! “I just wanted to let everyone at NETTTS know I have just started with R D Clark and everything is going well I’m hauling primarily gas and diesel but every so often I have been doing concrete pre form heavy haul the job is home every night and the people I get to work with are great here are some pics thanks again.”
    Nettts graduate Tim F.

    Class of 11/15/2010
    Eric M. posted this photo: “I’m working in Maine all week. A guy is out on vacation and I’m covering his route. All Dairy Queen. Monday to Tuesday layover, Sleep home Tuesday night, Wednesday to Friday layover. It’s cool. It pays more and I got a liftgate with a pallet jack.”
    Nettts graduate Eric M.

    Class of 10/23/2010
    Leland F. posted this view of a set of Doubles he is pulling for Old Dominion.
    NETTTS graduate Leland F.

    Class of 10/23/2006
    David B. posted these photos
    NETTTS graduate David B.

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