Is HVAC Hard?

  • Is HVAC Hard?

    Is HVAC Hard?

    Is HVAC Hard?

    HVAC (HVACR – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration) is a hands-on profession in the skilled trades. The work as an HVAC professional may often be described as physical, creative, problem-solving, and hands-on. The HVACR trade touches many of the other skilled trades and shares skills with electrical, welding, plumbing, and other trades. Every day may be different, and each service call unique. A tech may have to work in small, dark spaces, or in a wide open commercial refrigerator. It may be hot for a technician fixing an air-conditioning unit in July, or cold for one repairing a gas furnace in January. This is the life of an HVAC tech!

    Why Choose To Train For a Career in HVAC?

    There are many reasons why people choose career training to become an HVAC technician! They may be viewed as having a skill not many others could do. They could be able to take things apart and put them back together. They are there to fix the things everyone else breaks! When HVAC Technicians are out on a job, they are independent and there to solve a problem. When things go wrong with heating and cooling equipment, it is the HVACR Technicians that are there to restore comfort and save the day!

    Being in the HVAC field may bring pride and accomplishment on a daily basis. Whether you are building a system from scratch or repairing one that needed work, technicians are often appreciated by clients and customers.


    What Does HVAC Involve?

    hvac school instructor with studentHVAC(R) is the short-hand term that stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration. This means working on equipment like furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, heat pumps, refrigerators, coolers, freezers, humidifying units, air filtration systems – and much more.  All of these units will need servicing, installing, troubleshooting, fixing—sometimes immediately—as people depend on these units for comfort in their everyday lives.

    HVAC – Commercial and Residential

    HVAC is divided into two categories, commercial (business) and residential (household), then from there a lot of technicians may choose within these categories to focus on service and/or installation. Residential means you work in houses, condos or apartment buildings. Commercial means you work in office buildings, factories, stores or warehouses.


    What Is It Like Working in HVAC?

    Working in HVAC can be challenging and rewarding! HVAC could be a nice option for those who don’t like to be in the same place day after day, as your work may find you at different locations troubleshooting different problems or installing different equipment. HVAC workers might have to be okay with small spaces (many boiler and fan units could be in tight quarters!), possibly hot (you could be fixing a broken AC unit!) and the work could be challenging, with long days.

    Becoming a professional HVACR Technician takes patience and critical thinking as you may be installing or repairing on all different types and brands of HVAC equipment. Some equipment could be cutting edge, and others from the turn of the last century. Each day is different and can present chances to work with different equipment or solve unique problems. If you are not afraid to learn about mechanics, how to design new systems, computer driven controls and electricity, then HVAC could be the right choice for your future.

    A professional HVAC technician may understand the electrical, plumbing and framing work that ties in to the HVAC work. He or she will understand how to read charts and blueprints of machinery and will also be able to think outside of the box, troubleshoot, use investigating skills, work backwards, and even rewire a whole system, if needed.


    Is HVAC Career Training Right for You?

    Having the skills of an HVAC Technician, such as Air Conditioning or Refrigeration repair, or knowing the inner workings of boilers and other systems does take training, experience and possibly even certain certifications. New England Tractor Trailer Training School (NETTTS) Technical Training Division offers an HVACR program that has a comprehensive curriculum taught by instructors who are experienced technicians in the industry.

    If you are still curious about training for a career in HVAC give NETTTS a call! If you are sure HVAC is the move for you, don’t wait any longer to get started. You can find out what the NETTTS HVAC education can provide and what career training in HVAC can offer and the experience and knowledge you will gain.

    NETTTS’ HVAC program is hands-on. Students first learn in the classroom, and then go straight to the training labs to put that knowledge into practice. Our curriculum is designed for students with no prior HVACR experience, so we want to help you get started.


    Choose NETTTS as your HVAC training school

    If you’re thinking about becoming an HVAC Technician, then we want to talk to you! Change your future with our HVAC training program by calling NETTTS at (800) 542-0009 or learn more online today. At NETTTS we offer CDL License training and HVAC training so you can begin a new chapter in your life. Take a few minutes and schedule a time to speak to a representative about our HVAC training school in your area! We want to help you!


    Sarah Packer

    Sarah Packer

    NETTTS Director of Career Services, Sarah Packer brings over 15 years’ recruiting and employment experience. Sarah’s previous experience includes serving as a Recruiter for a Health Care company and managing a Human Resources and recruiting team. Sarah is very passionate about assisting our students obtain employment after graduation. Sarah has assisted over 1,000 students obtain employment since she started here at NETTTS.

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    • Corral, Charles

      I am interested in this type of career but im only 15 now, I will be graduating when Im 17 and not sure if i have what it takes, I believe that would be good at this type of job but im a slow learner in the classroom. I feel like i wouldnt make it through training.

      • Justin Wasserback

        Once you finish high school, we’d be happy to talk to you more about what it takes to become an HVACR technician. You can always reach out to us at (800) 333-2888.

    • Jose
      • Jose
      • March 25, 2019 at 6:48 pm

      Good Evening! When the next HVAC class start?

      • Justin Wasserback

        Hello Jose, we have both day and night classes starting up in April. Can I help you get more information? Please give us a call at (800) 333-2888. Thanks!

    • Robert T Posey

      I am 55 going on 56 an Osram sylvania Machine operator for 18yrs (we were bought out by a chinese co Ledvance) they are closing down all american plants, we are the last in versailles ky, am I too old, will the physical demand be to much, I don’t want to be in a factory anymore be and honest

      and thanks


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