Where Can I Get HVAC Training?

  • Where Can I Get HVAC Training?

    Where Can I Get HVAC Training?

    Where can I get HVAC training?

    If you are interested in HVACR training, you can receive an education with the NETTTS HVACR Service Technician Training Program! At NETTTS HVACR training, you will learn the skills needed to enter the HVACR trade. Our career training program includes both classroom and hands-on training with HVAC equipment, so that our students are practicing as they learn.

    If you are interested in a future as an HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) technician, learning from a trades school like NETTTS is a good place to start. You will be taught the fundamentals of the heating and cooling trade, and be on your way to becoming an entry-level HVACR service technician.


    Why work in HVAC?

    HVACR is known as a skilled trade, and a good, skilled craftsman is someone who can be trusted to perform the job safely, accurately, and timely. There are many aspects to the HVACR trade, and many technicians find their specialty. In school you may find that you prefer working on commercial (business) units, versus residential (household). Or perhaps you realize you like installing equipment, rather than maintaining it. Refrigeration may be what you have a knack for, where heaters and furnaces become less of a specialty. The career is wide open for many technicians. You might work daily jobs for one company at one larger site, be a freelancer and find your own work or eventually start your own business, or you can be a member of a team and be sent to where you are needed. You may be tasked with installing a brand new system, or you may be called for an emergency equipment failure problem. People need comfort in their lives, so you may be helping a small family, or several hundred in an office building by fixing a broken heater, air conditioner or ventilation system.

    If you are looking for a career path that is both challenging, and rewarding, HVACR may be right for you. It could give you the independence you are looking for by working out in the field, while giving you the chance to help others and solve new problems each day.


    What certifications do I need to be an HVAC technician?

    There are certain certifications and licenses needed to become an HVACR technician. Mostly this is because of the substances, like refrigerant, that are regularly handled by HVACR technicians. To work in certain areas of HVAC, such as with electricity or hazardous materials (HAZMAT), you would need additional certifications which means you will need to prepare for additional exams. A few of these certifications are:


    EPA Certifications (608 Certification -Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Universal)

    This is an Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) credential, which allows an HVAC Service Tech to handle, buy or store refrigerant, A/C coolant  R-22 or R-410A. This is a precautionary certification as refrigerant/coolant needs to be handled with care.


    North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification

    The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification is not required but ensure you are “a nationally recognized and respected” technician, understanding of all areas HVAC.


    HVAC Excellence Certification

    The HVAC Excellence certification is a master-level certification. To earn the master level, you must have three years of experience and pass the exam.


    What is the Coursework like in an HVAC Training Program?

    NETTTS’ HVAC Service Technician Program is designed to provide students with the electrical and mechanical knowledge, and performance skills required of an entry-level technician. It teaches them to install, adjust, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair residential and commercial refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning equipment for proper operation and efficiency.  

    HVAC Training at NETTTS also includes:

    • Set of personal HVACR tools and equipment
    • Online 3-D simulation labs
    • EPA Certification Preparation and Exam
    • Oil burner service training
    • Job Placement Assistance
    • Financial Aid for those that qualify
    • Graduates receive 4,000 hours towards Mass Refrigeration License


    Get started on your HVAC training with NETTTS

    Contact us at NETTTS today to learn more about a future in HVACR by calling  (800) 542-0009 or finding out more online today. Don’t waste any time getting started on your training!

    Sarah Packer

    Sarah Packer

    NETTTS Director of Career Services, Sarah Packer brings over 15 years’ recruiting and employment experience. Sarah’s previous experience includes serving as a Recruiter for a Health Care company and managing a Human Resources and recruiting team. Sarah is very passionate about assisting our students obtain employment after graduation. Sarah has assisted over 1,000 students obtain employment since she started here at NETTTS.

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      • Justin Wasserback

        It depends on the schedule you are looking for but typically classes begin every 2 weeks.

    • cory chasse

      Do you need to take the SATS in order to go here for HVAC?

      • Justin Wasserback

        Hi Corey,
        That’s a great question, and no, the SATs are not required to attend the NETTTS HVACR training program. Can I help connect you with someone to learn more?


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