ATA praises NTSB’s safety efforts

  • ATA praises NTSB’s safety efforts

    ATA praises NTSB’s safety efforts

    The American Trucking Associations is praising the National Transportation Safety Board’s recommendations to reduce impaired driving on the nation’s highways, according to a press release issued by the ATA last month.

    “All motorists should support reducing the instances of impaired driving” ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said in the press release. “The trucking industry is held, and holds itself, to a higher standard and we are encouraged by NTSB’s recommendations to bolster efforts to reduce drunk and drugged driving for all motorists.”

    The ATA announced that the “NTSB recommended reducing the legal limit for drunk driving to a BAC of 0.05 from 0.08, increasing the use of interlock devices, strengthening penalties for repeat offenders and increasing high-visibility enforcement. ATA’s progressive safety agenda supports all of these steps.”

    “ATA knows for a fact that thousands of truck drivers who have failed hair tests . . . have obtained driving positions with other carriers because they were able to pass DOT-authorized urine tests,” Graves wrote in a May 13 letter. “All we are asking is for DOT to allow this industry to use the best available tools under the DOT-mandated drug and alcohol testing program to make sure our roads are safe for all motorists.”

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