Staff Spotlight: Pawtucket Career Placement Advisor, Roberto DeLaCruz

  • Staff Spotlight: Pawtucket Career Placement Advisor, Roberto DeLaCruz

    Staff Spotlight: Pawtucket Career Placement Advisor, Roberto DeLaCruz

    Roberto joined the NETTTS team in Pawtucket, RI back in 2013 and has worked with hundreds of students. His prepares them to be job ready when they graduate and aims to help them find the right driving job after earning their CDL license.

    So you start working with students from the very first day they walk in the door…
    “From Day 1, and actually it’s even before they walk in the door. Sometimes somebody comes in for an interview to become a student and they need to switch their schedule at the current job that they have or switch their job in order to come to school. So if they’re in that situation, I’ll sit with them before they even come to school and work on a resume with them and work on trying to find a job for them before they even start school.”

    How do help our students become successful?
    “In my role as a Job Placement Advisor its important to find out who they are themselves. Really get to know them on a personal level, things like if they have a family, kids, what their living situation is, and based on that I can help them figure out what they are looking for. Are they looking for an opportunity to travel and go over the road? Something more local or regional? I want to know where they see themselves after they have their license and start from there.”

    What do you like most about your job?
    “The reason I like to do this is it’s very rewarding to me. When I see people go out there and are working, becoming successful, that is what’s important to me. It means a lot to me when students come back after they’ve been on the road to share what they’ve been doing and tell me how it’s changed their lives.”

    Tell me the best advice anyones ever given you
    “My father always says, “don’t listen to just anybody for advice, ask a professional”. A lot of times people come into the school thinking they can’t qualify for a CDL or get a job after because of something they did in the past. All of this because of something they heard from a friend or assumed. You can’t believe everything that you hear so it’s good to ask a professional and get the facts.”

    Give me 2 truths and a lie about yourself
    “1. In High School I used to be a top ranked wrestler, 2. I’m a semi-professional pool player, 3. I have 3 daughters”

    What are 10 words that describe a typical day for you?
    “Unpredictable. Different. Students. Licenses. Jobs. Goals. Teamwork. Coming together.”

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