Staff Spotlight: North Andover Financial Aid Director, Tiana Dompierre

  • Staff Spotlight: North Andover Financial Aid Director, Tiana Dompierre

    Staff Spotlight: North Andover Financial Aid Director, Tiana Dompierre

    Tiana is a member of our team in North Andover, MA and has been the Director of Financial Aid for nearly four years.  She is naturally detail oriented and eager to help others, which makes the Financial Aid department a great fit for her skills. Tiana and her team work with students who are interested in finding out about Financial Aid eligibility, and work to make the entire process as easy as possible.

    How does your team help people interested in finding out about Financial Aid assistance?
    “We have Financial Aid assistance available for those that qualify on certain training programs, so I like to start by setting up a meeting with anyone who is looking to find out what they are eligible for.  We will start with some basic requirements like making sure they are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and all the other sorts of things to make sure a student is eligible. Only me and my team are able to help them with that. Next I help them complete the FAFSA application from start to finish and once that’s done I’ll give an estimate and tell them what their eligibility could look like as long as everything comes back okay.

    Do most students know anything about Financial Aid before they meet with you?
    “A lot of our students don’t and that is fine. We take care of complicated side of it so that our students don’t have to worry about it. I also try to give advice when we get started so it doesn’t feel overwhelming all at once. This way if any roadblocks come up down the line we take care of them one at a time.”

    What kind of loan options are available?
    “We mostly deal with Federal PELL grants and direct loans to students and parents. GI Bill® Education Benefits are also available to those that have served in the military. Each of our schools have a designated staff member who is a VA Certifying Official, and that means they have access to VA-ONCE, have taken a certificate of eligibility, and can find out what kind of VA benefits someone may qualify for.”

    Tell me something about yourself that most people might not know.
    “I shoot pool and used to play in tournaments. I grew up playing pool and started when I was in the 6th grade at a pool hall down the street that was alcohol free so there was no age minimum to play. I used to walk there probably five nights a week.

    How about 2 truths and a lie?
    1. I went to beauty school
    2. I spend most of my summer camping
    3. I’ve got 3 children

    What advice would you give to someone thinking of coming to school?
    “Give yourself some credit! A lot of people are nervous or afraid but there’s nothing to be scared of, especially if it’s something you really want to do. Making the decision to go back to school is very hard and a lot of people will put it off for their own reasons. My advice to them is to not. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes so just do it and you’ll be glad you did.”

    GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

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    • Hameed Al Rawendoozi

      Hi there, I am a perminant resident at the United States CT, I am looking forwards to become a truck driver, I would like to know my possabilities for getting financial aid for truck training school?

      • Justin Wasserback

        Hello Hameed, we’d love to help you get started! Please send an email to and we can start answering your questions.


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