Staff Spotlight: CDL Driving Instructor, Rick Clough

  • Staff Spotlight: CDL Driving Instructor, Rick Clough

    Staff Spotlight: CDL Driving Instructor, Rick Clough

    Meet Rick Clough, part of the NETTTS Team in North Andover, MA! Rick is a 30-year veteran of the United States Navy and was looking to do something new in his retirement. He always enjoyed driving and being out on the open road so he decided to become a Class A CDL Truck Driver and is now a Master Instructor at New England Tractor Trailer Training School.

    What made you want to become a CDL driving instructor?
    “I was pulling tandem trailers for a local company running about 400 miles per night and after 12-years I needed a change. Coming back to NETTTS where I first got my CDL sounded like the right move.”

    What do you like most about your job?
    “Teaching is very rewarding, especially watching something click with a maneuver you’re trying to instruct a student on. You can see it in their face. You can see it in their smiles and their eyes light up.”

    How do you help students feel comfortable when they first get behind the wheel?
    “A lot of the time when students first come down to the training yard they’ve never been up close to a tractor trailer that big before. I make sure to give them the confidence to get in and first start. Before you know it they are learning how to back the vehicle up, pull it forward, how to shift and how to apply the air brakes. It’s fun to watch because they’re like a little kid with a big toy.”

    How does it feel when you watch someone pass their CDL test and earn their license?
    “Its great, all the instructors are standing there watching, and we know they’re going to do great. As soon as he does he’s jumping out of the truck, hands are flying around all incredibly excited. It’s really rewarding to watch especially because you know that you helped someone change their life.”

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