Traffic solutions sought in growing truck industry

  • Traffic solutions sought in growing truck industry

    Traffic solutions sought in growing truck industry

    Traffic is slowing down the trucking industry, but plans are in place to find data-based solutions that use GPS technology and mapping software to plan better routes.

    “Data like these help us better understand the highway system and its needs,” noted FHWA Administrator Victor Mendez in a statement. “Analysis of the nation’s traffic patterns and areas of changing traffic volume will lead to safer, less congested roads and greater mobility for all Americans.”

    Traffic congestion is causing problems for the trucking sector, but the trucking sector is part of the problem as more and more trucks are added to America’s roads and highways every year.

    “Trucking is a couple of years behind where small package delivery is, but only based on the volume and cost that is takes to deploy,” said Christian Schenk, senior VP of product and market strategy for XRS. “The large barriers to entry will be on the ownership from end to end of the supply chain. End-to-end transparency on the supply chain is not where it needs to be yet for real-time routing to be mainstream in trucking, but advancements in technology will drive costs down and make it available to more firms in more industries.”

    The trucking industry is looking to expand its navigation abilities, especially as the number of trucks hitting the road each year continues to increase..

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