Top 5 Apps For Truckers in 2017

  • Top 5 Apps For Truckers in 2017

    Top 5 Apps For Truckers in 2017

    Whether you’re about to set out to cross the lower 48 on your next long haul journey or make a local run, chances are that your smartphone will be along for the ride. To help you make it a smooth journey we’ve made a list of our top apps for truck drivers in 2017.

    Here’s our list of “must have” apps for ever truck driver in 2017:

    CoPilot Truck Navigation – “GPS Category”

    CoPilot GPS is designed specifically for trucks to help them maintain efficiency, safety and compliance. It’s live updates help drivers find the best truck-legal routes for their trip. Drivers can create a profile with settings for load type, weight, and even hazmat transport to find the most efficient route. They even boast 2D and 3D map views with lane indicators to help truck drivers navigate more easily.

    Trucker Path – “Live Updates Category”

    Trucker Path is a community based app, meaning that all of the information is being entered real-time by other truck drivers with the app. Want to know if there is available parking, where to find free coffee, which fuel stop has the lowest diesel price, or if the next weigh station is open? This app has got you covered.

    Skype – “Staying Connected Category”

    Skype is widely used by drivers as an easy way to stay connected to friends and family while on the road. This app allows free calls to any user worldwide, has videoconference features and even instant messaging to help stay connected.

    FatSecret Calorie Counter – “Health and Wellness Category”

    Eating right can be a challenge on the road but the FatSecret app helps make it easy to know what you’ve had and help you make the right choice. It has nutrition information for many foods found at restaurants and can even scan the barcode for packaged food for instant information that can help you make a good decision. For tips on eating healthy on the road check out our 5 Tips On How Truckers Can Cook And Eat Healthy On The Road post,

    Audiobooks – “Entertainment Category”

    This one is pretty self explanatory. Audiobooks features thousands of books on tape free of charge to keep you entertained while behind the wheel.

    *It’s important to note that while these apps are useful for truck drivers, use caution while you’re operating a motor vehicle. Set your GPS or other apps before heading out and always be aware of state a local laws pertaining to cell phone use.

    Mike Demars

    Mike Demars

    Mike Demars is a 28-year trucking veteran, as well as a graduate of New England Tractor Trailer Training School with well over a million miles logged on the road. Prior to being the Regional Director of Safety & Training for our Connecticut locations, Mike spent over a decade on the road as an owner/operator of a long haul transportation company and previously managed drivers as a Driver Manager and Safety Director. He has achieved the level of Master Instructor and holds his certificate in Collision Avoidance, and is often sought as an industry expert to discuss practices within the field and to testify in transportation and trucking matters.

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