Safety rule imposed on truckers

  • Safety rule imposed on truckers

    Safety rule imposed on truckers

    New rules have changed the maximum average workweek for truck drivers from 82 to 70 hours as lawmakers are looking to make America’s highways safer as more trucks are added each month.

    “In the past, a workweek could reset anytime after a trucker took 34 consecutive hours off,” reported the Idaho Statesman in an article about the change in hours of service. “Now the clock can be reset only once a week and if time off includes two consecutive periods from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. The regulations also add a mandatory 30-minute break after eight hours of driving, while reinforcing that truckers still may not drive more than 11 hours a day.”

    The motivation for the Department of Transportation behind the rule changes is to improve safety, which the DOT predicts will lead to a reduction of 1,400 truck crashes, 560 injuries and 19 deaths per year, according to the Statesman.

    As the truck industry become more strict, it may mean more carriers will be looking for professionally trained drivers. Carriers often look for drivers who have received professional CDL training because they know these drivers value safety. New England Tractor Trailer Training School prepares its students for a safe career as a commercial truck driver.

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