Retiring drivers and safety regulations drive up hiring

  • Retiring drivers and safety regulations drive up hiring

    Retiring drivers and safety regulations drive up hiring

    Truck driver employers are looking to replenish a fleet of drivers that is growing smaller due to retirement.

    The trucking industry has seen steady growth in recent years as shipping services have risen. However, even without the growth in business, there is a need for new CDL trained drivers as many current truck drivers are preparing to enter retirement in the coming years.

    “Truckers are projected to exit the workforce in a growing wave,” reports the National Private Trucking Council. “The first Baby Boomers turned 65 in 2012. And even as the Baby Boomers begin to retire, the pool of CDL-eligible 21-year-olds is growing at a slower rate. There is a gap between retirement-eligible U.S. males and CLD-eligible U.S. males.”

    A new generation of drivers is needed to replace those entering retirement as truck carriers across the country look to replenish their fleet of drivers. The truck industry also relies on new technology that requires a new crop of CDL trained drivers.

    Adding new drivers to make up for those who are retiring is one reason why the demand for professionally trained drivers is growing, but so is the increased attention being paid to safer driving practices. In order to meet growing increasing regulations on the trucking industry, carriers search for quality drivers.

    “With regulations like CSA pushing the industry towards better quality drivers, demand for safe drivers will only increase,” the NPTC adds. “Along with being concerned about CSA, many drivers, especially older ones, regard HOS tracking as a nuisance,” points out Ron Goode, Director of Education for the Truckload Carriers Association. “And ‘Boomer’ drivers especially tend to be put off by the use of electronic onboard recorders.”

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