August Trucking Industry News

  • August Trucking Industry News

    August Trucking Industry News

    Here is some of the latest trucking industry news from around the country, as reported by some of the industry’s leading news sites. As the trucking industry is a tight-knit community, though it is comprised of approximately 2.5 million people, trucking news is a valuable, welcomed, and vital service to truck drivers.

    As they continue their own journeys, their ability to read and hear about other truckers’ journeys they can develop an even deeper understanding of how the trucking industry works and be in a better place to establish their own skills and knowledge base.

    Here are some recent news bits from the trucking industry.

    FMCSA denies request for hours exemptions

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced June 23 it has denied requests by carriers or drivers seeking exemptions to certain hours-of-service regulations, as announced by the trucking industry news site

    One application came from the carrier Kreider and Son, who requested an exemption for the requirement that drivers keep records of duty status. Drivers who are deemed to be “short haulers,” which are drivers who are on duty less than 12 hours per day and who work within a 100-mile radius of their base point, are not required to keep duty status records. Kreider’s drivers are required to, since they are on duty for more than 12 hours.

    Kreider argued in the request that their drivers often spend an equal amount or more time recording duty status than actually driving, since some trips are as short as five minutes in duration. In response FMCSA said that short periods of time may be identified in RODS by drawing a line from the appropriate “on duty” (not driving) or driving line to the “remarks” section and entering the amount of time and location of the change-in-duty status, which ordinarily takes less than one minute to complete.

    In addition, FMCSA said that enforcement of the 11-hour and 14-hour rules would be undermined if roadside officials did not have the proper access to the RODS drivers whose duty days go over 12 hours.

    In addition, the group denied the exemption of another operator, who argued in his exemption application that current hours of service rules require him to “drive when he’s sleepy.” The driver said he would be able to operate his truck more efficiently and more safely if he could decide when he needs to sleep rather than being required to adhere to the regulations.

    New load board opens for business

    An article on eTrucker announces that drivers, brokers and shippers have a new resource for load posting and finding. Apex Capital Corp. has launched, a new load board site.

    Apex says they designed this site with the end user in mind, where carriers and drivers can create a free account on the site to search for loads by criteria such as city or state, equipment type, load size, and date.

    NextLOAD users will also be able to create filters with alerts that will let them now when the loads they want are posted. Plus, brokers and shippers will be able to create accounts on the site, and will be able to post available loads free of charge.

    Finally, NextLOAD will allow Apex clients to access the Apex Fuel Finder in and will be able to find the best prices on fuel nationwide for their fleets, and can run unlimited free credit checks on the brokers and shippers who they are considering hauling for.

    NextLOAD should be able to provide most in the trucking industry a free service that will help connect drivers and loads, companies to drivers, and brokers and shippers.

    Technology has allowed virtually all industries the opportunity to create new, simplified services that connect us faster and more efficiently, and certainly it is true in the trucking industry as it is in many others. With new innovations such as NextLOAD, it is easier than ever to connect people to new business and help increase productivity and allow truckers and shippers alike the ability to do business and facilitate interstate and intrastate commerce easily and quickly.

    Mike Demars

    Mike Demars

    Mike Demars is a 28-year trucking veteran, as well as a graduate of New England Tractor Trailer Training School with well over a million miles logged on the road. Prior to being the Regional Director of Safety & Training for our Connecticut locations, Mike spent over a decade on the road as an owner/operator of a long haul transportation company and previously managed drivers as a Driver Manager and Safety Director. He has achieved the level of Master Instructor and holds his certificate in Collision Avoidance, and is often sought as an industry expert to discuss practices within the field and to testify in transportation and trucking matters.

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